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Marinized Kubota Diesel Propulsion Engines & Marine Generators

Beta Marine Pacific Northwest has been the exclusive Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaskan dealer and RePower Center for Beta Marine, marine diesel engines & marine generators, for many years and has gained a reputation for quality service, customer support, and competitive pricing. Betas’ marine diesel engines are a great size for your boat – 14hp to 150hp – designed for fast and trouble-free, do-it-yourself service operations.

What makes Beta Marine engines the right choice?

  • 5 year warranty on key engine components and a 3 year ‘self-service’ warranty – We are the only engine company who allows owners to do their own service work without voiding the warranty.
  • Cost effective to mainte – Engine parts are everywhere and readily around the world at local part stores!
  • Light engine weight and compactness, installation is much easier and often less expensive.

Beta Marine PNW… more than just engine sales -

We don’t want to just sell you an engine, we support the boating community through a comprehensive array of repowers, education and marine diesel engine services designed to enhance our customers’ experience on the water.

Enjoy the rewards of being our customer:

  • Free 2 year installation warranty* When Beta Marine PNW completes the repower for you – an extension of the superior warranty offered by Beta Marine.
  • One hour of technician support, Free -during self installations. Free onsite technician support within 40 miles* ask for details
  • Full RePower services, repairs, routine maintenance & warranty services by Certified ABYC Marine Technicians provide
  • Complimentary Consult -we will discuss what you are replacing, your style of boating and then provide you with a complete estimate that includes associated materials needed to complete your project.
  • Price Matching

Beta Marine PNW is here to help you calculate and recommend the right size propulsion engine or generator and associated materials needed for your repower. If you need assistance with installation, warranty services, repair or service needs, reach out to us today. Contact us or call 360-379-1319.

Beta 14 & Beta 16

The Perfect Atomic 4 Replacement Engines
Beta Marine's Beta14 & Beta16 engines are the perfect propulsion engines to replace your Atomic 4 gas guzzler.
Learn more about our Beta 14 and 16 engines

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