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Beta 14SD – 2 cylinder

naturally aspirated, diesel propulsion engine developing 13.5 hp at 3,600 rpm with a swept volume of 479 cc.

Many yachts have been built using the Volvo 110S,120S and Yanmar SD20 saildrives – eventually the engines wear out; but the saildrive legs are still good. Beta Marine is built to adapt to your needs.
Visit our Saildrive solutions section to learn more about how Beta Engines special adaption and drive plate will suit your existing saildrive leg.

Standard Features

  • Reliable heat exchanger cooled naturally aspirated indirect injection diesel engines, based upon Kubota’s highly advanced technology.
  • Cast iron cylinder head and block with a gear driven camshaft and sea water pump.
  • Three vortex combustion system for quiet running, low emissions and excellent fuel consumption.
  • Installation angles up to 15° maximum (flywheel down) when static, and 25° when heeling.
  • Selva saildrive leg, with 2.2:1 reduction ratio, Output rotation is clockwise in ahead viewed from saildrive end.
  • G.R.P. moulded base with stainless steel inserts.
  • Heavy duty power take off to drive auxiliary equipment.

Optional Extras

  • 65 amp alternator.
  • Control Panels ABVW or C with gauges and alarms.
  • Solid or Folding propeller.
  • See below for a comprehensive range of accessories to cover a complete engine installation

Beta Marine PNW is here to help you calculate and recommend the right size propulsion engine or generator and associated materials needed for your repower. If you need assistance with installation, warranty services, repair or service needs, reach out to us today. Contact us or call 360-379-1319.

Beta 14 SD Fuel Consumption Chart 222222

Standard Specification

Beta 14SD ABV control panel
Beta Marine – Beta 20 Saildrive
3 cylinder, naturally aspirated, diesel propulsion enginedeveloping 20 hp at 3,600 rpm and a swept volume of 719 cc’s. The unit is supplied complete with heat exchanger and header tank, water cooled exhaust manifold, fresh and sea water pumps, cast injection bend, mechanical fuel lift pump, fuel and oil filters, heavy duty bearers, loose sump pump, flywheel with heavy inertia ring for super smooth running at low rpm, flywheel housing, special quiet air intake filter, 12 volt starter, 40 amp battery charging alternator, shutdown solenoid energized to stop, “ABV” control panel (with tachometer/hour recorder, key start switch and push button stop, warning lights and alarm buzzer for low oil pressure, high water temperature, no charge, and power on); with 3 m interconnection cable with multi-pin plug and sockets to engine harness. Selva Saildrive leg with 2.2:1 reduction, heavy duty engine feet with flexible mountings, GRP base for mounting in hull, “Morse” type end fittings for speed and gear control, engine test certificate, operators manual. Red paint and packed on skid base with a 3 year “Self Service” warranty.
Optional Extras
Custom sail drive engine mounts to suit your installation requirements.
• 12 Volt – 70 Amp alternator available.
• Keel cooling.
Control Panels ABV, ABVW, B or C with gauges and alarms.

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