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Are you replacing an old Saildrive?

With Saildrive engines, Beta Marine Pacific Northwest offers customized solutions to make sure your re-power is the perfect fit. When you order your new engine, Beta Marine Pacific Northwest can design and manufacture "Custom Saildrive engine mounts” to match the existing GRP bed. We can custom design the saildrive engine mounts by simply knowing:

a) Which specific engine was installed?
b) Manufacturer of the boat  the engine is being  installed in?
c) Which year it was made?

If you have any questions or if we can make this re-power easier,  simply reach out to us by phone, email or by the form below. If you are a do-it-yourselfer,  you are still never alone throughout your project. Remember, we offer a free hour of an ABYC Technicians support during your re-power.

How does it work?

Our customers have two options; you can either reach out to us and we will manage the conversion for you or if you are a do-it-yourself ‘er, and you have collected all your data, you now have the option to enter your measurements and send them directly to Beta Marine via our new online form below –
Follow these simple steps below to get the measurements we need to complete your project:

  •  Simply scroll down to review the diagram for the specific measurements required for your project and download our Custom Saildrive Engine Mount Worksheet and plug in your measurements.

  • You’ll now need a tape measure and a couple of straight edges so that you can take the necessary measurements from your boat for us to design and manufacture your Saildrive engine mounts.

  • Accurately establish where the engine bearers are relative to the saildrive leg.  All measurements are taken from the saildrive leg center (the datum).

  • As soon as possible – please send us the ‘Custom Saildrive Engine Mount’  specs, email us or call 360-385-4000, and please include your name and contact details on the form.

We will manufacture the ‘Special Saildrive Engine Mounts’ exactly to the dimensions that you specified.

NEW Online Custom Saildrive Engine Mount Forms

Once you have collected all your data, you now have the option to enter your measurements and send them directly to Beta Marine via our new online forms. You are never alone throughout your project – Remember, we can spec it out for you and during your re-power – we offer a free hour of ABYC Cert. Tech support during your re-power.

We attach details of the flexible mountings that do have a little movement / tolerance to help installation of the engine. It is better to fit the engine feet towards the bottom of the central stud as detailed, our design will enable this.

Beta 10 to Beta 38
Small Flexible Mountings

Beta 43 to Beta 150
Large Flexible Mountings


If the flexible mountings are wider than your engine bearers, Beta Marine can supply solid mounting pads that fit between the flexible mountings and your engine bearers. If you have any doubts please speak to Beta Marine for help. Please make a note of any problem areas that you may think Beta should know about (e.g. head room or sump restrictions).

Beta Marine PNW… More Than Just Engine Sales

We don't want to just sell you an engine, we support the boating community through a comprehensive array of repowers, education and marine diesel engine services designed to enhance our customers’ experience on the water.

Beta Marine PNW is here to recommend the right size propulsion engine and associated materials needed for your repower. If you need assistance with installation, warranty services, repair or service needs, reach out and Contact Us today.

Beta 14 & Beta 16



Beta Marine's Beta 14 and Beta 16 engines are the perfect propulsion engines to replace your Atomic 4 gas guzzler.

Learn more about our Beta 14 and Beta 16 engines.

Small, Powerful, Quiet, Reliable

Beta Marine, marinized Kubotoa engines, are the perfect engines for the boat owner who likes to manage their own routine engine maintenance.

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